Get your website on top of Google through search keywords.
When Internet users need to search for information on the network through search engines, they will use queries with keywords to enter the search box. Therefore, when you use keyword SEO services, Viet Seo will push the content pages of your website corresponding to the potential keywords that you require to rank high on the search results page. .

With its service, Viet Seok not only receives and executes the keywords you request but also advises you to add the best keywords that match the field of activity or information you provide.
Your benefits when using keyword SEO services

Having a website that ranks high on search results pages with keywords of interest and relevance to the field of activity and information you provide, you not only attract many people to know the website. but also bring you potential customers.

One of the advantages of the Internet marketing method is the ability to segment the market, statistically and reach the target audience easily. This advantage is even more evident in the promotion through search engines (SEM), in which SEO is a typical.

Segmentation and targeting the right audience also means that you save a lot of costs in promoting your brand and product to users.

When do you need keyword SEO services?

As mentioned above about your benefits when using keyword SEO services, the simplest answer is probably when you want to develop your brand and promote your products and services to the users. through search engines.

Or in case you already have a strong brand name in the market, you still need to use SEO services to continue to maintain your brand position. This is similar to why well-known brands are so close to consumers like Coca Cola or Pepsi, they still have to advertise on various media to confirm their position, to prove that they are still develop well and persist.

The use of SEO services is not only necessary for small businesses, new businesses, but also for businesses that have existed for a long time and have a reputation.

However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that before promoting your brand, you need to be well prepared for the quality of your services to serve customers. Because, according to VietSeo’s experience, many businesses after successfully promoting their websites do not meet the number of customers with spike in demand.

Price tag SEO service

Like many other SEO service packages we offer, the cost of keyword SEO services also depends on your specific requirements. Because each field, every keyword has different competitiveness. The higher the level of competition also means that you need more time and effort to achieve the necessary rankings. That also means the cost for each keyword will also vary.

Please contact us to discuss your request in more detail and receive our quote. We will advise you completely free of charge and quote after the competitiveness survey, human resource estimation and investment period.

Keyword SEO service process

Here is our keyword SEO service process so that you know the steps to prepare and work with us when you need to use the service:

Receive customer requests.

Exchange and suggest more potential keywords.

Survey competitiveness, estimating manpower and investment time.

Submit quotes and proposal tables.

Sign a cooperation contract.

Perform keyword push.

Send reports periodically.

Acceptance and handover.

Maintain service for the agreed period.

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