There are many mobile web design technologies such as Parallel Mobile Site, Dynamic Serving, Responsive Web, But the technology most used today is Responsive technology.

Why should web design compatible with mobile?

According to the latest statistics of the website “We are social”, Vietnam has 128.3 million mobile users, an average of 1.4 mobile subscribers and more important than the current one. People are gradually getting away from the phone because of the convenience of it and the price of cheap smartphones, so everyone has a smartphone that can access the internet anywhere.

However, these mobile phones are easy to access the internet but your website is not designed to be mobile-compatible, so it is very time-consuming and time consuming to load web pages or web pages. Anyone who is willing to sit or “stare” to read each line of text is too small so you have to design your website so that users can quickly and easily read the customer information needed. Best.

Also last year on April 21, 2015, Google’s largest search engine in the world today introduced algorithms that hit the search results from the mobile if you do not optimize mobile can do You suffered a great deal of sales.

Which web sites need to design mobile web

Almost all websites running on the web now need to design a website compatible with mobile, but for the following websites, special attention should be paid to mobile compatible websites: sales pages , ecommerce site, company website, news site, …

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