Basic SEO – the foundation for long-term SEO plans and strategies
Basic SEO services is one of the professional SEO website packages that Viet Seo provides. Basic SEO is a necessary stage before you do SEO to push keyword rankings (keywords) on the search results pages. In order to get high rankings on the search results pages, it is essential that you first have a website that meets the criteria that search service providers give.
What is basic SEO?

Basic SEO jobs are mostly related to technical issues with SEO. Here are the main tasks that Viet Seo will perform for your website:

Edit the friendly URL.

Edit title tags (title), meta tags in SEO applications.

Implement the Rich Snippets if necessary. Rich Snippets are additional information displayed on Google search results page to attract users to click on your results.

Optimize website speed.

Submit your website to search engines.

Create XML Sitemap so that spiders can access your website content better.

Optimize HTML tags according to SEO criteria.

Fix technical errors that prevent spiders from crawling your website.

Your benefits when using basic SEO services

After Viet Solution has done basic SEO for you, here is what you have:

You will get a website compatible with search engines.

Your website can get high rankings for some less competitive keywords. This also means that your website will increase traffic.

Your website will become more user friendly. Because most of the criteria that search service providers offer are also aimed at giving users the best results, quality and professional websites.

Cost savings later when you want to push some key and strategic keywords.

Why do you need basic SEO services?

With the benefits and work we do outlined above, it’s probably easy to know why you need basic SEO services. Basic SEO not only helps your website to be compatible with search engines but also friendly and attract your website users. It is also a necessary, long-term stage and the foundation for your other SEO campaigns going forward. It will be difficult and expensive for both you and the SEO company to perform to push your website to rank high for the keywords you need, while your website does not have a good foundation to satisfy. search engines.

When do you need basic SEO services?

In the process of working and consulting customers, here are things you need to look at to decide on the basic SEO service:

You have an unprecedented website SEO.

Your website gets very little or almost no visitors through the search engines.

You are interested in promoting and developing brands through search engines, but you do not have enough investment capital to implement SEO campaigns of scale and strategy. Or you have many other things that need to be prioritized right now.

You have a good SEO team or good website content but can’t do technical work related to SEO.

Basic SEO service prices

Basic SEO service prices depend on the size of your website and the current status of your website. After receiving the requirements and necessary information about your website, we will plan the work to be done. From there, Viet Seo will offer reasonable costs.

Basic SEO service process of Viet Seo

Here is our basic SEO service process so you can know the preparation steps when you need to use the service:

Receive customer requests.

Preliminary analysis of requirements, website or SEO project.

Provide proposal and quotation of service.

Sign a cooperation contract.

Perform basic SEO.

Acceptance and handover.

Coming to Viet Seo’s basic SEO service, you will save time and money during the process of implementing SEO for your website and branding through search engines.

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